Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShopperSeeks?

ShopperSeeks is crowd-sourced personal shopping. That’s lots of people looking for that ONE THING you really want but either don’t have the time to look for or don’t know where to find. So many times, shopping can seem like a chore. It takes time to identify what you want to buy. You are busy. You shouldn’t waste your time searching for the perfect pair of pants when you already know they exist. It takes less than a minute to create a “seek” on ShopperSeeks. After that, go about your day and we will send you a message when someone has found the item for you. Come back and complete your purchase. 

How does work?

Seekers post an item they want to buy (a Seek) and in less than 1 minute, they can tell the shopperseeks community, twitter followers, and facebook friends what they are looking for. Any member of the community can post a “Find” or a lead in response to a seek. When finds are received, an email notification gets sent to the seeker who can choose whether or not to purchase the item.

Why should I sign up for ShopperSeeks?

Because it’s awesome. And to fully utilize it, you must sign up. It’s also free, so what are you waiting for? We make it easy with facebook login.

How do I create a seek?

Start seeking by typing the “I am seeking” box at the top of the page. You may see what you Seek, but if not, click on the “Create a Seek” image at the top and add the details of your Seek. Seeks with images get the best results. So either give us a link to where you spotted the item or upload an image from your computer.

Can I seek something that someone else is already seeking?

Yes! Our members have awesome taste so naturally you might be inspired by them. Just click on the “Seek” button below an image when you’re browsing or “Create a Seek” when you’re looking at the item. You can additional details to tailor the Seek to you, like adding your size for example.

How do I post a find?

Similar to posting a Seek, just click on the Finds button under an image or the “Post a Find” button on the details page.

If you have any other questions or suggestions on how we can make ShopperSeeks better, drop us a line at